Saturday, October 1, 2022

New Board Day

Completed my 4th board today.

Sharing photos so the world can enjoy it as much as I do.







Technical Information:

  • The board is a 12×5 ortho-linear layout
  • Can be split or left joined
  • Jumper IDC cable can be hot unplugged to use left as a gamepad
  • Uses a single Pro-micro-ish compatible MCU
  • Has a battery switch for wireless builds
  • Key switch footprint is compatible w/ 3 different switches
    • Kailh’s choc V1, low profile, two post stem, hot swap
    • Kailh’s choc V2, low profile, cross post stem, hot swap
    • Kailh’s new X-switch, laptop style, laptop keycap, soldered
  • Currently compiled and working w/ 3 different platforms
    • QMK for ATMEGA 32U4
    • ZMK for nice!nano
    • KMK for RP2040
  • Can use SMD or TH diodes
  • Has SK6812-mini-e per key LED (for 5v MCUs)

Project Goals

  1. Remake my last build, a 12×4 layout, with a number row
  2. Add combability with the newly available X switches
  3. Add a power switch for nice!nano builds
  4. Add per-key RGB

Lessons Learned

  1. The push button is a NC switch, this would allow the board to power off when folded, switch requires too much force
  2. I had ran the battery circuit off of the VCC pin, not the RAW pin. a simple jumper and the nice!nano is charging
  3. I really do not use the number row as much as I thought I would
  4. RGB only works with ATMEGA 5v MCUs, which is fine, but I did not consider this